Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Make me white.

There seems to be nothing like a fresh coat of paint to spice up a piece of old furniture. Now that I am on holidays I finally have the time to coat a range of different thrifted items with some white paint to make them shiny and new looking.Each item required the sand process; sand, prime and then 2 coats of white.
Remember my old rattan chairs? Well they look amazing now they're white.
To make the chairs more comfortable, I picked up some gorgeous circular chair pads on post Christmas sale.
I also painted up a towel rack that I found on the side of the room recently and half a ladder that I picked for $2 from my last ever garage sale in the country town. These look so much better white, though I wish I hadn't got quite so excited and remembered to take some before photos.I will be using both these items in the guest room and can't wait to find the perfect spot to mount the ladder and use it hold some pretty blankets.
These items spice up spaces in the new house and really look so much nicer with just a coat of paint! I just need to paint the walls now too, I can't wait to lose the pink walls :)
Now time to tackle the 100 other craft projects that I've left on hold lately.
Lisa x
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  1. Love! There is nothing better then finding furniture on the side of the road and giving it new life! Awesome!

    1. Thanks! Other's junk makes the best treasures- especially when it's free.
      L x