Sunday, 12 January 2014

Treasures from the old owners.

I posted recently about upcycling roadside finds by painting them white. Today I thought I'd share some ways I updated a few items the old owners of our house left behind. I wanted to try and use what I could find , rather and going out and buying new things.White is fabulous and fresh but sometimes things need to a bit of something extra to make them unique.
1) This wooden framed mirror was hanging in our toilet when we first moved in. I sanded it back and gave it a few coats of white paint. However the frame seems just a little too paint so I used a glue gun to attach a thrifted golden deer.
2) This frame was found behind a cupboard when we were cleaning out the new house. I used painter's tape to form straight lines and gave it two coats of yellow paint before removing the tape.
For the design I used a deer stencil and painted it black on grey paper.

3) There was an interesting pot in the yard when we moved in  that was covered in stenciled stars so I gave it a couple coats of white paint before wrapping some fluro washi tape around two areas to make the pot have a bit more bling ( see above). In the pot are some spring onions as they are so easy to grow!

4) And then again sometimes white is all that is needed. When clearing the yard (for a huge reno project we have going on with our fence), I found this shell that was a lovely shape. After cleaning it, I just gave it one coat of white paint and it's now a chic decorative item.
These projects were all very easy and took hardly anytime at all using supplies I had lying around the craft room. It's so satisfying to save some items left behind and give them a personal touch. I'm hoping to finish some more wall painting so I can hang the mirror and frame without the pink/apricot walls.
Lisa x
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