Monday, 13 January 2014

A pin-interesting life.

It's funny how much special celebrations have changed in the past few years since pinterest became so popular. I always use pinterest to inspire me when I'm feeling stuck for ideas and I've been to a few events lately that were just so beautiful, crafty and pin worthy so I thought I'd share a few ideas I've seen lately that just look fantastic!
An arctic themed 4th birthday party
Beluga and Killer whale biscuits.
An arctic cake.
A vintage carnival wedding
Using vintage/ thrifted items as signs; embellished with paper signs and pretty colours
Carnival games with cute signs and ribbons for the winners. Plenty of bunting and pretty balloons everywhere.
Paint silver trays with chalkboard paint and write pretty labels.
It's so exciting to be back home around a lot of parties and special events and not have to miss out because we live hours away. I'm looking forward to planning a party soon and using some 'pinterest' inspired ideas to make my party even more interesting. Celebrations are all about the people we are celebrating and catching up with friends and family but they're always a little bit more special if they're full of cute ideas too!
Lisa x

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