Friday, 24 January 2014

Change is in the air.

Husband and I are expecting a baby this winter 2014 (around the end of june/start of july)! We are both so thrilled and excited and can't wait to meet our little one. It hasn't been any easy process getting here and I feel very blessed to be carrying my own little baby.
It means we will be entering in a whole new life stage and have to make our home and lifestyle a bit more baby friendly. We are thankful for nieces and nephews who have given us time with young babies as only a few years ago, husband had never even held a baby before. We are currently in the process of doing up our backyard which we discovered wasn't the safest due to short cuts made by the previous owners. We are also thinking about colours for the nursery. At this stage we have decided to have a gender neutral nursery and add extra bits when bubs is born and we know what he/she is.
There are so many things a baby needs and I'm going to start the process of setting up a thrifted nursery in the coming months, after all babies are only little for such a short precious time and there are many second hand items in brilliant condition. This thrift shop lover will be on the prowl!
For now, we're just going to wait, hope and pray that baby keeps growing and developing well and thank God for each day of pregnancy.
Lisa x