Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Koala in a creek.

For the Australia Day long weekend, husband and I went away with the extended family to a shack by the beach. We spent our days lounging by the beach, swimming, snorkelling, attempting windsurfing, fishing and cooking barbecues. It was blissful and the perfect little break away especially as husband has gotten hardly any time off work over summer and it was nice to just have an escape.
To celebrate Australia Day we did the usual BBQ and I made a special little dessert - koala in a creek. All you need to make it is some Caramello koalas (I used 7 as there were 7 of us), 2 packets of lemonade jelly, some blue food colouring and some little Australian flags.

Simply make the jelly following instructions (and at the same time add a splash of blue food colouring). Then put in the fridge to set (it will take about 4 hours). At the three hour mark I added the koalas so they could sit nicely in the jelly before it was too hard. Do not add the koalas until the jelly is a bit set or it won't work properly. 
Then add some flags before serving and you have 'koala in a creek' :-) mmm
Lisa x
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