Monday, 3 February 2014

Nursery step one- painting the built ins.

We're getting started on the nursery!
The room we have chosen to be the nursery is quite small with dirty white walls, green carpet and lots of wooden items. It was pretty much is crying out for a new coat of paint.
I made a little mood board of some of the things I like/wish to include in the wardrobe area of the nursery above 1), 2),3), 4), 5).We bought 1) years ago so I'm hoping to use it and am thinking I can thrift items similar to 2) and 4) and update them with some paint. The coat hangers seem like a good buy from ikea and the closet dividers are awfully cute but probably easy enough to make similar ones.
There is a large wardrobe in the room that goes all the way to the roof. As it was already there and built in we opted for painting it white rather than removing it and replacing it.  In order to do this we sanded it down and gave it two coats of primer before doing two coats of white gloss paint.
It's amazing how painting it white has already really made the room more open and cleaner. It now looks lovely and will make the perfect little wardrobe for the bub.
The room also came complete with a vanity. What? you say! Yes, a working water producing tap area. I'm not quite sure why the original owners had it in the bedroom (and also one of the other bedrooms) but Mum tells me it will be useful with a little one. We shall see. For now we've painted it white - again sand, paint with primer x2 and paint with a gloss white coat x2. We used some paint my parents had at their house and I used a mask as well as having good ventilation.
The white again make a huge difference and I added a touch more bling by changing the handle to a sparkly crystal one I'd picked up years ago. Rather than painting the trim white we have chosen to estapol it and make the wood just that little bit nicer. I'd really love to swap the green carpet too for wooden floorboards but I don't think it's quite in the budget at the moment. For now I want to continue the painting and change up the walls from the dirty white they are to the colour I have chosen. It's just nice to see some progress and know that one of the rooms in our house is going to be freshly painted.

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  1. Your off to a great start on your nursery! I agree painting both pieces white did "lighten" up the room. I agree with your Mom that the vanity is going to come in handy, you'll be glad the previous owners put it in for whatever reason. Keep me posted on your nursery. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best and sharing the beginning or your baby's nursery. Such an exciting time for you both!