Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bring out the singer.

I can sew a little but I'm really a massive amateur. For my new years resolution I decided I was going to make a quilt so I thought I'd start basic and sew a little pillow. I've never actually sewn a pillow before so I really just went for it and hoped for the best. The bit that let me down a little was adding the grey edging but I like the homemade feel of the pillow and I'm proud to have just started something from scratch and made something that is useable. In years I hope to look back at the pillow and laugh, realising how much my sewing has improved!
I had lots of excess material and really wanted to sew future bub a little elephant. I decided to make up a pattern myself and drew it free hand on brown craft paper. 
It was a pretty easy sewing project. I cut out the elephant shape on grey material and sewed both elephant pieces together leaving room for stuffing. I used black felt to  hand sew on two eyes and ears and a tail made of yellow fabric filled with a little bit of toy stuffing. Once I'd added the eyes, ears and tail, I added the stuffing and hand sewed up the hole. For now it's pretty cute and cuddly and if bubs doesn't like it, I'm sure Maisy will.
Lisa x
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