Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Learning applique.

I've wanted to learn how to applique fabric images onto fabric for a while now and finally learnt for myself about the amazing 'heat and bond lite'. How did I not know about this stuff before?
For my first applique project I was gifted a plain white muslin wrap with a gingham border and decided to make it all a little bit exciting using some scottie dogs. I had thrifted a small shirt covered in scottie dogs and cut it up to use the dogs on projects I'd actually use.
To applique, first iron the pictures onto a piece of 'heat and bond lite'. Then the 'heat and bond lite' will peel off the back and the back of the fabric is sticky. Arrange the pictures as you like and then iron in place. Once they are ironed down they won't move off and this means no pinning! To attach the pictures blanket stitch around the edges of each picture and you're done- very easy :-)
After finding this so easy I had a go doing some more applique houses on newly bought white tea towels for friends. I used a range of scrap fabric to make the houses and they ended up being such cute little tea towels. I think I might need to make one for myself as well.

The possibilities are endless... know that I will be sharing with you the many more ideas I come up with to applique. This is only the start!


  1. I love this little dog blanket! And I love that you made it out of a shirt (that, let's face it, no one would wear again!)

  2. Thank you- it's always nice to find ways to reuse things that no longer have a use :)