Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Little projects here and there.

I've gotten really into sewing lately and have been working on a few little projects. I'm trying to develop my skills a little and as finding work is really slow at the moment, I've got a bit more spare time than usual.
A little baby soft block. 
I used this great tutorial from zaaberry and while it's not perfect, it's a good first try. I was given lots of leftover fabric by an Aunt so I think I'll make some more and hopefully perfect them. For now, it's just a cute toy for bubs but if I get better, these could make lovely little gifts.
Spruced up 50c napkins.
Since getting our new outdoor dining setting, I've been wanting some fancy fabric napkins for entertaining. I looked everywhere but with a very limited budget I decided to trying making cheap ones more interesting.
I found plain black fabric napkins at kmart for 50c each and these seemed like a good deal as I was going to struggle to get the fabric and sew for cheaper.
Then it was time for thinking about how they could be a little more fun but not over the top and I came up with the idea...pompom trim. I don't know if it's just me but pompoms kind of make everything a bit more fun. I bought the pom pom trim from the local craft store and used a machine to stitch it on. Something little can make a nice welcome difference.

Happy crafting!
Lisa x

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