Friday, 7 February 2014

Sponge print onesies.

I had some plain baby clothes I'd received and I thought I'd spice them up with some stenciling. I just went for it. However I wasn't really happy with how the bib turned out (sometimes crafts just don't work out!) so I thought I'd just share the onesies with you today.
To recreate this all you need is some plain onesies,  black fabric paint, a sponge and some scissors.
I chose to cut the the sponge to create two shapes- 1. an arrow like heart and 2. a cross like shape.
I put the fabric paint on a plastic plate and then just went for it with the stamps and am pleased with how my onesies turned out (I think I went a bit overboard with the stamping on the bib and it was just a little too much).
I might keep experimenting with a few more stamped outfits but really they'll look so much cuter once there is a baby inside them. 
Lisa x
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