Wednesday, 5 March 2014

4 ways to update jars.

I've been updating a few old jars around the house to make them more exciting and I thought I'd share four ways to change up an old jar.

1. Mod podge fabric on the lid. 
All you need is a small piece of fabric and mod podge. Focus on one small area at a time, cutting around the edge so all the fabric bended and wrapped around the lid nicely.

2. Wrap with lace and tie with twine.
Find some old lace and attach it to the jar using PVA glue. Then cut a piece of twine to size and tie it around on top of the lace.

3. Add a balloon to the bottom.
Cut the bottom off a balloon and wrap the rest of the balloon around the base of the jar.

4. Paint the lid and add a chalkboard label.
Use spray paint to change the colour of the lid.  Then purchase some chalkboard labels ($2 for about 20) and use a chalkboard pen to label it up. Fill it with something tasty to eat.

Do you have any other ways you like to make jars a bit more exciting?
Lisa x
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  1. I love the idea of reusing jars... would look fab with cotton buds in?

    1. Yes! I think I will definitely fill some jars in the bathroom with cotton buds etc. Things just look prettier in jars :-)