Thursday, 6 March 2014

Put your feet up.

I was given an old ottoman for free and knew it would be easy to fix up and make it work in our home. I'd been looking for one for a while as it's always nice to have somewhere to put your feet up (and depending how it works I'm thinking this chair may be a good nursery chair for late night feeds). And I do quite love the cushion; from the lovely shop society 6.
Back to the ottoman- the fabric was in awful condition, torn, faded and smelly but  the foam lining was in great condition (which is the expensive bit to buy). The fabric had the been attached using a staple gun so I cut off the fabric and used pliers to pull out the stapled edges.
 I looked through my fabric stash and didn't really have any great upholstery fabrics left so I chose the same grey material I'd used on my quilt. This fabric is a bit thicker than your regular cotton fabric and I had plenty left over to cover the ottoman.
I cut the material to size and pulled it tightly over the underneath foam and batting. Then I used a staple gun to hold the fabric in place. The corners were the only tricky bit and while I'm not expert at upholstery, I found that pulling the fabric tight and smoothing it out nicely meant I ended up with four near corners. I ended up pulling out the corners a few times and trying over and over again to get the corners even tighter and am happy with the end result, especially as this little ottoman and the upgrade process cost me nothing since I already had the fabric on hand. That's my kind of thrifty project.

I can't wait till the walls are white and the dirty carpet is gone but I'm living with it and one day can look forward to a blanker, cleaner canvas to add furniture too. Now it's time to put up my feet and relax. 
Happy thrifting and DIYing.
Lisa x

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