Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Pom pom wreath

I saw this adorable wreath in a store the other day made from felt balls and thought I'd try and replicate it for our house. It's the kind of wreath that could be put up at christmas but still left hanging for the rest of the year. It was over a hundred dollars where my little replica cost $4 and was inspired by things I had lying around the over crowded craft room.
For this project you will need:
pompoms ( I used a variety of sizes but you can use whatever size you like- I ended up needing to buy two more packets, thus the $4 cost)
a wreath frame ( I used a metal bell frame covered in fabric that I'd picked up from a garage sale years back).
a glue gun
Simply glue away pompoms until you have covered every single surface of the bell (or wreath) on both sides. Then think about where you would like it to go and hang up with string, ribbon, whatever you've got and enjoy. I think if I make another one in the future I'll go with pom poms the same size but this one still worked out pretty cute.

 I placed it in the hallway and it ties in nicely with my hooks. I think I'm  getting a little obsessed with coloured balls!
Lisa x
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  1. Over a hundred dollars??? I don't even need to know what it looked like, yours is FOR SURE much better ;). This is really cute, Lisa!