Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Teacher's gift

The school year has ended and I've moved back to the city and am living in our new house. I'm looking forward to sharing lots of different home improvements and thrifty ideas this summer.
As a Junior Primary teacher, I receive lots of Christmas gifts from students and acknowledgements that students have appreciated the extra hours  put in. My favourite things to receive are always thoughtfully written cards and homemade gifts. Today I thought I'd share one of these homemade gifts and a how to guide as I think it's just such a cute and clever idea!
For this craft you will need: 
1 terracotta pot and saucer
Red paint
A small twig
Green ribbon
Glue gun
Chocolates or other goodies to put inside

Simply paint the pot and saucer red (you don't need to paint the inside of the saucer, just the outside). Then cut the twig to size and attach a green ribbon. Once you're happy with it use a glue gun to attach the stick and you have your own cute little apple pot. I'm not quite sure why teachers are linked with apples but I quite like anything apple anyway!
 Then fill it with something delightful and gift away. 
Lisa x

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  1. Very cute idea for a teacher! Simple and inexpensive too! Thanks for sharing at Take It On Tuesday! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source