Monday, 16 December 2013

Homemade Christmas cards.

There is something really special about homemade cards. I love making unique cards for friends and family who appreciate the homemade. For far this festive season I've been working on two design types which channel my love for vintage and second hand.
A few weeks back at a garage sale I was fortunate enough to thrift a small travel scabble set. These pieces inspired some scrabble cards. If you are not familiar with my love of scrabble pieces, check out my scrabble sign, scrabble coasters, scrabble magnets, scrabble thumb tacks and scrabble chalk board. You can tell I'm always on the lookout for old scrabble boards.
I've made a range of cards but these were three of my favourites. For the background I used pictures I had found in an old version of Frankie magazine. I'm more a 'true meaning of Christmas' type and tend to avoid Santa related things but this vintage Santa print was too adorable to pass. I trimmed the backgrounds to size and glued them on blank cards. Then I used magic dots to attach the letters.

My second style of cards was inspired by love of animals in Christmas hats. I found second hand cards (and Peter Alexander pyjama wrapping) with cute pictures and cut them to fit little wooden frames that I picked up from cheap as chips ( they're two dollars for three). I used magic dots to put the pictures in place and then regular UHU glue to stick the frames on. Some of my cards also had backgrounds, especially with the smaller frames.
I love these little cards and how much more special they are than a packet of 20 cards from a local store.
Enjoy creating your own Christmas cards.
Lisa x
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