Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Home? Crafts on the move.

I am living between the city and country at the moment and this makes it quite hard to get any DIY projects done as I only have 1 and a half  days and 2 nights at my house with my precious husband. For the rest of the week I am living with some friends in the country and working. However I love blogging and can't leave this blog post free for the next 5 weeks so I will be sharing some crafts and ideas that are a little smaller in size...after all I've been living out of a suitcase for 7 weeks already and there's only so much you can cram in there!

One small craft I have been able to test over the last few weeks is using glass and porcelain markers to decorate plates and cups. This craft is great as you end up with good cute products using only a few supplies. I bought some markers from clever patch and then thrifted a bunch of white plates and mugs for a few dollars.
I used pinterest to get some inspiration and then went for it. My final products are quite restrained but now I've had a go, I'm feeling a bit more confident to just go crazy and create a super colourful, bright plate.

 I love having them on my display shelf along with lots of other thrifted goodies, and speaking of thrifted goodness, check out the cute plates and teacup I thrifted at a recent garage sale. I'm all for eating off beautiful mis-matched plates!

 As far as wear and tear go with these markers, I've already washed them plenty of times and they are fine but if you want to preserve the nice bright colours, I'd suggest hand washing over the dishwasher.
Lisa x


  1. I recognise that little tea cup with the deer on it ;)

  2. ...sorry I got distracted by that...the plate you made is very fun!

    1. :-) ha, special whyalla thrifting memory. I hope youre still having lots of luck at that cute shop. X