Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Let's talk about floors, baby!

My favourite chair on our floorboards (still unsure what colour to reupholster the chair- book pillow from society 6).
We got some new floors and boy are they making me smile. I would have taken a before photo with our furniture but from the moment we moved in the room has been a storing place for all the junk we weren't sure where it should go. The front wall has already received a coat of silver dollar and I have replaced the pink curtains in the front room with some cheap sheer ones from kmart until we have painted and can sew up some cute ones- I want some time first to decide on the right kind of fabric.
See Before and After
It's a shame the after photo is not clearer. The light was awful for photographing the room all day and I had to leave back to the country at 2pm so this was the best I could do to capture the change. The hallway wall still looks kind of pink but it is definitely a nice grey colour now.
And from the other angle you can really see the beauty of the wooden floor.  This front room will eventually be called the library but right now all we have is a small thrifted white bookshelf in the corner. I can't wait to see the change giving the room a nice fresh coat of white will make. For now though I'll just enjoy looking at my shiny new floors :-)
Lisa x

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  1. Your new house looks gorgeous! I love all that wood