Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cute ways to display plants.

It's no secret that I love having plants around. I think that extra bit of green just makes a space. In our first house we had some plants growing inside too but now our new home is built around an atrium, I just looking at the plants outside from pretty much anywhere inside the house. 

Idea 1: put the plant in a birdcage and hang it up.

I thrifted this cute little birdcage earlier in the year at a garage sale and I just love looking out the window from my craft room and seeing it hanging in the atrium with greens bursting from it! If you're having trouble thrifting a birdcage, I know lots of the cheap shops sell cute ones for not too much.

Idea 2: put the plant in a teapot (with a hole drilled in the bottom).
There seem to be teapots at almost every garage sale so they are super easy to buy for a few dollars. When buying teapots for the garden (I have a few around my garden now), I look for the ones with a little chip here and there that are still beautiful... it's just I don't mind drilling a hole in it.I learnt my lesson a few years back when I bought this gorgeous teapot for a dollar, drilled a hole in the bottom, planted a plant and then saw the teapot selling on ebay for $250!
Idea 3: Paint up some terracotta pots.

The old owners of how house left behind a few terracotta pots and I knew I could make them a little bit more appealing. While the paint was out to paint another wall 'silver dollar' by taubmans, I quickly gave the pots a few coats. To finish it off I free handed some zigzag patterns using a white paint pen. Easy and effective. We got given a few packets of basil seedlings as a free gift with a purchase so I've planted them in these pots and hopefully in a few weeks, I'll see growth and have some yummy basil to use with cooking. After all the best kind of plants are the ones you can eat!
Lisa x

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