Friday, 28 March 2014

Fixing up a free dresser.

 There is nothing like walking out your front door and finding a dresser just sitting there- especially when you've been needing another dresser for month to hold your pile of clothing that no longer fits your growing baby bump.
I couldn't believe my luck when  I walked outside and there was a dresser on our front lawn. I am assuming a neighbour was getting rid of it. Talk about good luck and just needing a sack truck to get it up the drive way. The dresser was well made but its previous owners had done a horrific job painting it. The paint was patchy at best and peeling all over. I really should have zoomed in closer for the before picture as I was shocked at what a nasty rush paint job it had previously had. However free dresser- No complaints here!
While restoring a white dresser is not the most exciting fix up, my new cleanly painted dresser looks great. It took a bit of sanding back, some minor patching and a few coats of white paint before it was looking brand new. I am so pleased that the handles were in fine form so needed no work. I lined the drawers with old white wallpaper cut to size and then stuffed them full of clothes which I will hopefully be back into in the next six months. For now it holds some tissues, a cute thrifted floral tray and a lovely l'occtaine gift pack I was recently gifted.
It sits in our bedroom just below a shelf full of jewellery and there is a space between it and a large chair for a bassinet which will be bubs bed for the first few months. It's lovely to have a little bit more bench space and I imagine over time it will probably be home to extra makeup and accessories.
Have you ever just walked outside and found the item you needed on your front lawn. I love free surprises and here's hoping the neighbours might want to part with a baroque style chaise or large bookshelf soon...just putting it out there :-)
Lisa x


  1. I'm going to start thrifting this year as we start renovating and I know what sized furniture will fit! I love reading your posts for ideas and seeing just how fab you can make old furniture look!