Thursday, 24 April 2014

Small budget changes to the laundry.

I am pleased to show another room reveal today of some pleasing changes to our laundry. The existing laundry was a dirty and unappealing room. I know no matter how pretty my laundry becomes, it will always be just a laundry, but with a baby coming I will be washing a lot more, and it should be a pleasant place to be.With a very small budget to play with it wasn't possible to gut the laundry and get a new trough and cabinets but I tried to make the space more livable for the now. I guess you could call this makeover a stage one makeover as we save for a future makeover that will hopefully include adding an additional toilet to this room. Let's have a look back at what it looked like when we bought it. There were sunflower tiles, dirty flaking walls and a scratched worn blue trough.
Since we had a lot of taubmans sea bubble paint leftover from the bathroom and nursery, I decided to use it in the laundry too. It is such a calming, light, fresh colour that I could see it working well.
We began by removing the sunflower tiles (don't get me wrong, I like sunflowers but these just weren't working for me). Once they were removed it was clear that the wall needed a heck of a lot of patching and cleaning before it was ready to paint. In fact the whole laundry demanded a deep and through clean. Once painted the room was starting to look a lot better.
We then used caulk to fill in the gaps in the laundry bench and cut out a shelf in the underneath cabinet so the laundry had somewhere to store a washing hamper full of dirty clothes.

The blue trough looked terrible with the new walls so it was painted in two coats of enamel white paint and looks like a completely different trough.
The laundry was then ready for a little styling and I added a few thrifted green tins as well as painting my old peg bucket the same white colour as the trough ( it was originally a dark blue).
The ironing board was mounted on the laundry room door using a cheap hanger from mitre 10 and this is great for keeping it out of the way.
We also changed the lighting which greatly affects the feel of the room.  While the existing blue pennant was quite industrial and funky, the blue was really clashing with the newly painted seabubble walls. I bought a lampshade on sale and just love how the new lamp shade casts web like shadows all over the walls.
The final task I did was to sew a little curtain for the laundry cupboard so you can no longer see the clutter behind it. To make the curtain I purchased some green fabric (on 30% sale at spotlight). The space between the cupboard was 54cm so I used 80cm of fabric. I've never sewn curtains before but this fabric was easy to line up due to the linear pattern. I used heat and bond lite (cut into thin strips) to hem the sides of the fabric. To use this you simply iron down the heat and bond lite. Then peel off the top and the two fabric sides will stick together once ironed. This made it easy to get the hem straight and then I used the sewing machine to stitch down the hem except for the top. I double measured the length and hemmed the top, leaving a gap big enough to threat through some stretch plastic. I used hooks to hang the fabric and then had a cute little curtain which really completed the neat look of the laundry.
As we used supplies that we already had, I only had to purchase the lampshade, curtain fabric and ironing hook which made this makeover cost less than $80 for the whole update. While the laundry is already a massive improvement there are still a few plans on the horizon.
Future ideas:
-Add some more artwork.
- Look at cabinet options for above the machine/trough
- Possibly buy a dryer (a baby is going to make a lot of extra washing)
-Maybe one day add a toilet to the room so our house has a second toilet.

Washing just got a whole lot more enjoyable :)
Lisa x

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  1. Paint sure can make a huge difference and can make a room look much bigger and less cluttered!