Friday, 25 April 2014

Ideas file- a homemade fruit bowl and dog feeder.

I am a dreamer and a diy junkie as is obvious by this blog! I am always dreaming up new projects and am thankful to have people in my life to help make these dreams a reality. There are some things I needed and I wanted to create items that would be unique and lasting in our home. Two items on my want list were a nice fruit bowl and a dog feeder for Maisy as her current bowls were cracked and very old. 

1) the perfect fruit bowl. 
I was after a fruit bowl that could hold lots of fruit and would look pretty in the kitchen. I also wanted to have a bowl that had a homemade unique feel.
My Grandpa went through a stage a while ago where he just used to make lots of wooden bowls. After raiding his stash, we found a large wooden bowl and a smaller one to turn into a fruit bowl. I decided to make the fruit bowl double layered as that way I could hold more fruit and fruits that age each other when put together could be separated. Grandpa looked through his random wood pieces and found a piece that we could use to join the bowls together. Then we used wood glue to hold the three pieces together until they had set and stained the wood piece in the middle to match the two wooden bowls. I love this fruit bowl in the kitchen.
* The jam pictured next to the fruit bowl is quandong jam that grandma and I made on Tuesday- it's so delish.

2)a homemade dog feeder.
This was designed with Maisy's habit of pushing around the bowl in mind and also the problem we had with ants always getting in her bowl.  I purchased two white bowls for $3 each from neds. We (Grandpa and I ) used the bowls as measurement and cut two holes out of a piece of wood and then added little legs. The feeder worked out so well that then we had to make one for mum's dog too as she was envious of how nice it had worked's always flattering when someone likes your idea and wants to copy it :-)

Clearly Maisy enjoys eating from her new feeder...and just eating in general really :)
Two items to check off the to buy list and since they used supplies already owned, only $6 to make them- I do love some thirfty home decorating, especially when it ends with unique items I can treasure. Have you been dreaming up any new home ideas lately?
Lisa x


  1. That's so cute! The most rustic modern looking dog bowl that I've ever seen!

  2. That fruit bowl is a brilliant idea- I only have one big one and my fruits mix and then ripen too quickly. Now you have me thinking!! Your dog looks super happy too:)

    1. Thanks :) My dog is always super happy when she finds any foods in her bowl!

  3. Very cute dog dish and I LOVE the fruit bowl and how it's 2 layered! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Pinned! Have a great week. :)

  4. Two items on my want list were a nice fruit bowl and a dog feeder for ...