Monday, 28 April 2014

Cloud mobile.

Okay, I'll admit it- sewing nursery items is just a whole lot of fun.  The room is just bursting with homemade goodness and all I felt it was missing was a little mobile.I felt that a little bit more colour on the walls was necessary so I wanted a mobile that tied in the colours of the nursery (yellow, green and grey). I really love my cloud shelf and wanted to make a mobile that tied in with the same theme using some supplies I already had around the place, especially as my craft room is still bursting with supplies and using existing items fits my tight budget better.
To recreate this mobile you will need:
Scrap pieces of felt
White thread
Toy stuffing
White embroidery floss
A small piece of ribbon
For this mobile I used white, grey, aqua, mustard, lime green and citrus yellow felt scraps. I choose these colours as I already owned them and they fit with the colour scheme of the nursery. 
To make the cloud I simply free handed a cloud shape and cut two pieces to size. Thankfully a cloud is one of the easiest items to draw. I then stitched the two cloud shapes together and filled them with toy stuffing.
For the rain drops I made a raindrop pattern and cut out 18 pieces this size. I used blanket stitch to stitch two pieces together and filled each raindrop with a little bit of toy stuffing.
Once I had made 9 raindrops I worked out a colour pattern and stitched the raindrops together (roughly the same distance apart) using some white embroidery floss.
To complete my mobile I sewed a small piece of ribbon to the top to hang the mobile from. Then to attach the mobile to the wall, I simply nailed it in place.

For some reason I can't quite get the walls to look as minty green as they really are. I have tutorials on how to sew the quilt and elephant softie.The cot was a gumtree purchase and I'll share more details when I post a nursery room reveal.
I think it turned out just right...another handmade touch for my little munchkin and the room is complete for now (except for the most important little person of course!). Thank God for the blessing of this little one growing in my belly and time to work on my sewing skills.
Lisa x


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