Saturday, 31 May 2014

Baby shower ideas.

A few weeks ago one of my darling friends decided to throw me a baby shower and it was just fabulous. I loved seeing everyone and felt spoilt rotten. I thought I'd share some photos from the day and some cute ideas she had incase you're throwing a baby shower in the future and want some inspiration.

She had some great signs custom made (which can also be reused again if she cuts off the top/bottom of each). She also had a few prizes custom made for when people won different games. It's the little things that made it so special.
To make the girl guides hall where it was held feel a little more special she used fresh flowers, nice glassware and put candles in jars everywhere...and added some yellow twine as who doesn't love yellow!

We played lots of games but I only have photos of one. We played  a version called pin the dummy on the baby and the dummy never quite made it into the baby's mouth but in lots of other unusual places. My Grandmother's dummy even made it to the next pinboard across :-) 

There was a stack of diapers for people to write messages on. I haven't read them yet as I'll wait and enjoy them as I make many a diaper change and need a laugh or pick me up.
Apart from a whole lot of other yummy food, she had also made some baby cupcakes to decorate. There was a collection of different coloured icing and many bits and pieces to layer on top.

These are just a few of the ideas that I hope might inspire any readers out there planning one. Although these little details made the day so special, I was just grateful to be surrounded by family and friends and to have this little bub growing inside me.

 Thank you Leah for an amazing party!

Lisa x

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