Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bunting addict.

It's been a little while since I sewed any bunting but as I had a bit of fabric left over from my hot air balloon and a quilt I'm almost finished, I decided to make some bunting for our room. This bunting may not stay hanging here forever but it is always a nice touch to a room and could be taken outside or into the lounge room for parties etc. I feel like I've worked out how to make bunting easily and it looks neat and beautiful when finished.
Today I thought I'd share my step by step guide to making bunting. There are so many other ways to make it but this is the way that works for me (and my limited sewing skills).
You will need:
-a paper triangle template (make your own)
-an iron
-a rotary knife (optional)
- a sewing machine
-bias binding

1) Draw a triangle shape that you would like each piece of your bunting to be. Use scissors to cut out the material . You will need two triangles for each piece of bunting. When they are cut out pin them inside out.

2) Use a straight stitch to go around the two longer edges of the triangle and then fold the triangle inside out. Once I have done this I then iron the triangles nice and flat and use a rotary knife to ensure that the top of the triangle is straight.

 3) You can make your own bias binding if you want but as I have a large stash (from a garage sale goodie bag), I used some turquoise bias binding that I already had. I pinned the triangles in a pattern along the bias binding and then sewed it into place. I sewed it so the bottom of the bias binding connected with the fabric.

4) Using paperclips, I pinned back the bias binding so it wrapped around the other side of the triangle and carefully hand stitched it in place using some turquoise cotton so it is barely visible at all.

When you've finished hand stitching the back bias down you end up with a lovely, professional looking string of bunting, perfect for a bed, party or just crafting up an area of the house.
I'm still working on understanding the lighting in our master bedroom and how best to capture it as soon I'll share the entire master bedroom and some future plans. If you haven't sewn bunting before, do have a go, it's easy and fun and a great way to use up leftover fabric :)
Lisa x
For details sake:
'we should probably cuddle now' cushion- society 6
bedspread- manchester warehouse
throw- laura ashley
bedroom furniture- enfield furniture
lamps- beacon lighting

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