Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini hot air balloon.

While the nursery is finished (except there aren't that many baby clothing items in there and no baby!), the baby is actually going to be sleeping in our room to start off with. I didn't want to set up too much of a baby space as it's living in our room is temporary but I wanted the baby's corner to feel a little bit cute and special. I will get a second hand bassinet from my sister-in-law which was white and perfect. Then I decided on two diy projects- a quilt and a mini hot air balloon. The quilt is coming along beautifully so I can share it soon but for today I'm sharing my little hot air balloon. There is something whimsical about things hanging from the ceiling and our ceiling already had a hook in the perfect spot. 
thrifted basket
To begin making the hot air balloon, I thrifted a little basket and got to work paper macheing a balloon. I had initially blown up the balloon larger but as I was adding the newspaper pieces it burst :-( and I resorted to using a slightly less blown up balloon. When the balloon mould was dry, I undid the balloon and cut a hole in the paper mache bottom.

For fabric I choose to use some leftover fabric from my current quilt project. That way both diy items will tie together nicely. I love the choices you get to make when you diy something yourself and how you always end up with things exactly the way you want them to be. The yellow and black floral material was also used on the lamp shade update so it's making it's rounds in the house.
I used a quilter's ruler and rotary knife to cut my fabric into 2 inch squares and attached the squares in the best  patchwork style pattern I could manage (curved edges are hard to work with). To attach the fabric I used some mod podge, leftover from my lamp shade upcycle and diy filing cabinet.

I used some mustard yellow wool from my craft stash to attach the balloon basket to the balloon and attach the hot air balloon to the ceiling. I have a big old craft room filled with stuff so I am really trying very hard to use some of it up and not buy new supplies unless they are absolutely necessary.The handle easily pulled away from the basket and attaching the basket to the wool involved simply tying some knots. I put a little giraffe toy my mother gifted me when I was younger in for a ride and it was all finished. I tested it to make sure the measurements of the wool were correct. This testing stage happened while we were mid painting the room.Once the wool was the right length, it was time to leave it up for good and this shows the start of a little baby area in our bedroom for when bubs first arrives and we want the baby to be sleeping nearby.

As you can see the little baby area now includes a hot air balloon, a diy baby gym and some thrifted frames which hold beautiful giraffe illustrations that I found in an old second hand book belonging to husband. I am considering sewing some bunting for the area too as I've still got a bit of the fabric leftover (as used on the hot air balloon and a quilt I am finishing) and I am one big fan of bunting :) I might also add a few other little friends to have a ride in the balloon
From this post, you can also see a  snap of our how we are progressing doing up the master bedroom. The walls are now coated in a crisp layer of taubmans 'hydro' paint and the room is feeling so much better, bigger and cleaner! I'll share more of the master bedroom update soon.
Lisa x


  1. This looks so good! What a great idea!

  2. Looks good! Baby corner seems to be coming along. :)