Friday, 2 May 2014

Setting up a little 'blogging' area.

I have spent far too much time on my laptop sitting on the couch and it just isn't great for your posture and causes back pain after a while. I have been fortunate to not get too much back pain during my pregnancy but it was time to make sure I had a set work area.
My parents had a small desk in their shed so I snapped it up and used some estapol to freshen it up a bit. To make the space feel more like a set area, I mounted my fixed up display cabinet. It's now filled with a few precious thrifted items and just has so much character- I just love the turquoise, wall paper combination.
It was a bit tricky to photograph the cabinet as the light in our main room is so bright (and lovely) during the day and the grass reflected it.
Mounting the display cabinet was involved screwing it into the wall and it was definitely a two person job. I thought I'd share a technique we use to avoid excess dust going everywhere.  Simply use masking tape to attach an envelope underneath the drill hole and this will catch all the dust.
I  found a lovely little letters, bill, misc holder at the local op shop and also hung up a diy corkboard that I made in 2012 using a thrifted frame. This means the area feels a little bit organised and like its a purposeful organisation station :)- see top picture. For now the corkboard holds some bunting I made a while ago from thrifted supplies. I used some homemade scrabble pins to hold it up. It's nice to be able to find new spots for old crafts.

It is great to find a use for the my chair which I found on hard rubbish, put on new rattan and gave a fresh coat of white paint. The chair adds an extra burst of white and is comfortable to sit on for a long time.
Let's hope this keeps the back aches away!
Lisa x

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  1. I love the shelving you put up to make your space look so pretty! I need to get something for my paperwork that is as pretty as yours.Thanks for sharing at the party! Theresa @DearCreatives Hope to see you again this week. Giving your post a shout out!