Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Applique baby boy onesies.

When we found out we were having a boy I immediately started thinking of baby boy outfit ideas. For my baby shower I was gifted with quite a few plain onesies so I thought it would be good fun to make a few of them a little more special.This process is so easy that really anyone could make a whole collection of applique onesies in not much time and for minimal cost.
I began by hand drawing templates for a tie and bowtie. As these are fairly simple shapes, it was quite easy to freedraw the shapes. If you don't feel as confident there are many printable outlines online.
Then I cut some spare material to size and used heat and bond lite to permanently attach the material to the onesies with an iron. This way the material stays in shape and is easy to sew around.
For a finishing touch I used white thread to blanket stitch around the material. If you are unsure how to blanket stitch, here is a good tutorial to use. My blanket stitch isn't perfect but it's quite neat and I'm pleased with my end products. The more I make, the better my stitch will get :)

The little gingham hat, hook and coat hanger were all thrifted. I found an amazing number of cute plastic hangers in a thrift shop in the ACT and have been able to use different shades of yellow and white to sort the clothes by size, ie all 000 go on bright yellow hangers.
These would also make cute gifts and presents for other little baby boys in your life. After all what little man doesn't look dashing in a tie?
Lisa x

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