Monday, 16 June 2014

A pennant quilt.

After I finished my first quilt, I think I caught the sewing bug. Another quilt idea that interested me was making a pennant quilt so I thought I'd give it a go. I choose to use a range of yellow fabrics (left over from my first quilt) and buy a few small pieces of black fabrics.

Each of the triangles are 5 inch triangles and I used a rotary knife and ruler to measure them all accurately. In total I cut 24 triangles.
The plain yellow, yellow gingham and floral triangle fabric was thrifted while I did buy the rest of the fabric. I'd love to thrift more fabric but nice fabric in thrift shops is hard to come across.
Once I had pinned a rough layout,  I used some heat and bond lite to make sure the triangle stayed in place while I sewed them down.
 Heat and bond lite is a fantastic product that makes the fabric stiff and stick in space. It is a little expensive so I tried hard to not use extra than needed. Firstly lay out the triangles on the heat and bond lite and then iron it down. Don't iron directly on the heat and bond lite as it will stick to the iron.
 Then arrange the pieces in place once again before peeling off the heat and bond lite backing and ironing down the fabric in place.
 Now the triangles are in place and ready to be sewn down. This next part caused me a whole lot of trouble as my sewing machine is very old and doesn't have a zig zag stitch. I tried going to a few friends places to sew the pieces down with zig zag stitch but it was quite time consuming and in the end I borrowed a friend's machine to take home and finish off the zig zag stitches. While they are not perfect, the quilt definitely had a charming homemade feel to it at this stage.

Once the zig zag stitch was completed,  added some black gingham print fabric around the edge of the quilt, using my handy ruler and a rotary knife to cut the gingham fabric to size.

I then sandwiched the quilt together with the front, inner quilting wool and the backing.I choose a floral black, white and yellow print for the quilt backing ( also used on updating my thrifted lamp). When all three layers were sandwiched together and pinned in place I put on the quilting foot and sewed three lines across each row of bunting. I also used the quilting foot to sew around the ditch (edging between the white fabric and black gingham fabric.
I purchased some plain black discount fabric and cut it into 21/2 inch strips for the edging. I sewed the fabric together to create a long piece of 2 1/2 fabric and ironed it in half using my iron.
I then pinned the bias binding in place on the backside of the quilt. Once pinned in place, I sewed it onto the fabric. Then I folded the bias over the front edge and pinned it in place. I then machine sewed the bias onto the front of the quilt. This was a little different to my first quilt as I hand sewed the bias binding onto the back, while this quilt used a machine to sew all the bias.

I just love the end product. It it so beautiful and the perfect colours. I think the colour choice means a little boy or girl can use it and it's a nice size so should last the bubs a few years and hopefully be a bit of a special quilt for the baby and good for tummy time.

One more project crossed off the list and finished :)
Lisa x


  1. Adorable! I love the color scheme!

    1. Thank you! Yellow, black and white always work nice together :)

  2. Great quilt! I looove the fabrics you used on the sweet triangles! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  3. Love this quilt idea! I might try it in school colors for a graduation gift. Better get going! :) Would love you to join us at Awesome Things Tuesday here: Best, jen

  4. Cute quilt! I pinned it! I love the color scheme!