Saturday, 14 June 2014

Makeup in the bedroom.

I tend to be a bit of a dreamer and can't stop thinking about ways to make the house more liveable for minimal cost. As our home only has only bathroom, I decided I wanted to create a little vanity area in the bedroom for holding makeup and a place to get ready in the morning. I had gotten a little ikea stool for free recently and thought it would be good to sit on and already had a mirror hanging on the wall. 
After thinking about it for a while, I decided under the mirror would be a great little non invasive spot for a vanity shelf. In this way the space would be used well and the room shouldn't feel any more crowded.
I am thankful that my Grandpa is an extremely talented carpenter and offered to make my dream shelf vanity. I drew up some designs and made measurements for him to create me the little vanity shelf. The main requirements were curved edges so future little heads didn't bang themselves and a shelf to hide everything away. I choose to paint it the same white I have painted other furniture in our house as it tends to pop against the grey blue walls.
custom made shelf with drawer photobombed by maisy :)
I have a beautiful collection of extra drawer handles that has grown a little over the years and had a pretty blue one that I'd been waiting to find a place for. The lovely blue marbled knob with gold really suits the colour scheme I'm going for in our room. I knew I'd start working through my collection one day.
The brilliant thing too is that the shelf could double as a changing mat holder for the first few months when bubs sleeps in our room. You can already see the little baby area set up reflected in the mirror with a second hand bassinet, bunting, mini hot air balloon and a few ikea wall stickers I sourced at a garage sale the other day. My Dad helped me to put up the vanity shelf as at 38 weeks pregnant, I really don't have the energy/ability to hold up a shelf for long. I really just ended up handing him tools and using the spirit level as he did all the drilling in place. With a bit of dreaming, designing and help I now have a lovely little nook in our bedroom to use.
While taking up no extra room, the space now has a function.
Having a drawer is really useful for stashing away the makeup and keeping the area looking clean. The drawers pretty packed full at the moment though so some organisation is going to be thing at a time :)
It's lovely to have this little makeup/getting ready area in our bedroom though down the track I'd like to add some extra lighting so I can make sure my makeup looks right :)
Lisa x


  1. I love how you have such a personalized piece and your placement of it!

  2. oh my goodness! Thank you Grandpa!

  3. Perfect addition to the corner and functional too! Yay for Grandpa for making your idea come to life! Love that blue knob. . .