Monday, 23 June 2014

Nursery tour.

Finally the room is ready to share. I think this will be an evolving and changing space but I am quite pleased with the cute little room we have created. I have shared many of our diys for the nursery on the blog already so I'll be linking back to them throughout the post for anyone interested.
Our goal was to create a calm and peaceful space which used animals as a theme. I wanted to use existing items wherever possible and find colours which were gender neutral and worked with the existing green light, carpet and blind. The room already had a built in robe and sink which we decided to embrace rather than remove- click here to see how we painted the built ins.
As I am not currently working at the moment the budget for the room was very small and total cost for the makeover were around $500 including all the purchasing of materials and furniture. This meant I looked around lots for the cheapest and best supplies but even with our tight budget we did not compromise on quality. Everything we purchased was well made and doing lots of diy projects meant that we finished each project off to the best of our ability. We are fortunate to have parents and a grandpa who happen to be quite handy and can help with lots of these diy projects. I've taken lots of photos of the room which was the first completely finished space in our home.

The details:
The cot is a tasman eco sienna cot and converts to a toddler bed for when baby is older so it should get plenty of use. We purchased it second hand off gumtree relatively new as it's still under it's five year warranty. We chose this cot as it was highly recommended on choice as being very safe.
The change table and rocking chair were also bought second hand off gumtree and the lamp table was a diy project. The lamp was a thrifted lamp that I updated. The cloud shelf above the change table was made by my grandpa, as was the framed box shelf and elephant bookends. The mirror, pin board, "for this child I prayed" artwork and giraffe canvas were diy projects. I also sewed the quilt, pillow and elephant toy.
The hooks in the room were all thrifted, as was the hanging basket and umbrellas.
All other items were already owned except the "sophie the giraffe" which was the first item I purchased when I found out I was expecting...I've just got a little thing for giraffes.

This room is just what I wanted and more and I hope many beautiful memories will be made in this space.  I loved doing lots of diys for the room and making a special room filled with love and unique items.
Thanks for reading through my nursery tour.
Lisa x


  1. Love love love this :). You're so good at creating beautiful spaces.

    1. Thank you lib! It's such a nice space to just sit in and rock the baby. x

  2. this is adorable! I love the combination of yellow, gray and green. Such a sweet room

    Emily- Our house now a home

  3. Thanks for coming by the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Love your post and appreciate you taking the time to share.