Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pinspiration making part 4- bathroom mirrors.

I'd been looking through pinterest for a while trying to work out how I could make my builder's grade mirrors just a tad more special in the bathroom. They are both huge mirrors and I didn't want to remove them as I actually enjoy having so much mirror. The extent of mirrors in the room really opens up the space and makes the room feel more light filled. I came across the idea of framing builder's grade mirrors and from there on I was set. 
My Dad has far too much wood in his shed so using some pieces of pine that he had my Grandpa constructed some frames for the mirrors. Once constructed these frames then needed a coat of primer and two coats of enamel white paint before they were ready to put up.

The only way to really show both bathroom mirrors before was to get a very pregnant me in the photo. In this photo you can see the whole bathroom except for the area to the side which is home to double shower heads.
mirror 1
In the corner of mirror 1, closest to the window, was a piece of cracked glass which we wanted to cover. The edging of the mirror was in pretty bad shape too. We used the width of the crack in the glass to determine the width of the frame. For this mirror we used a regular frame with no shelving or other features.

mirror 2
This mirror is one that gets used a lot as it is where husband and I get ready every morning so we wanted to have just a little bit more storage. We're both fairly minimalistic with the toiletries we use regularly so we wanted just little shelves on each side to hold those most used items and then all our other sometimes toiletries can be kept in the vanity. 
The shelves were put on either side of the double sink so they are clearly one for me and one for husband. We used the existing shelf to help hold up the new shelves and frame.

I'm loving the difference in the above pictures between the before and after snaps.
I only have one more diy project in mind for the bathroom before I'll consider phase 1 of the bathroom makeover finished so hopefully that will happen soon. So far the only completely finished rooms in the house are the toilet and the nursery.
For photos/tips of how we got the bathroom to the stage it is now see this post on wallpaper removal and bathroom painting.
Lisa x