Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The clutter catcher.

I don't normally post about things I do around the house but this idea is so easy to implement and has made a big difference. See I always want the house to be clutter free and clean(ish) so entertaining is easy and I don't spend my days putting away things. This year I've set myself some new goals. I spent the first half of last year fixing up our home and trying to make it into a liveable space (and the second half learning about motherhood) and this year I'm committed to maintaining the home and having more free time (void of cleaning and packing away things).
I want to give away any possessions that weigh me down with extra cleaning and organising. 
I want to live without clutter.
I want to simplify our home and be more purposeful with my shopping.

One thing that has helped is setting up a clutter catcher near the front door. Whenever I am cleaning and come across an item I'm not that fond of or look through a drawer and discover something I haven't used in a long time, I place it in the box (aka clutter catcher). When it's looking full I load it in the car the next time I'm going out and place the items in a charity bin. Easy peasy. However this does mean that every item in the clutter catcher must be something decent and worth passing on.

Sometimes when people come round and pass by the clutter catcher, I offer for them to look through and see if there is anything they want (so if you're a friend outside the internet and come by- please take a look). Since starting it a few months back, I have parted with so many items and it feels satisfying to now open drawers around the house and find them to be emptier and only containing useful items.

Do you have any other ways you stop clutter in your home?
I've read about the idea of one thing in one thing out and also turning clothes hangers round when you actually wear items to see if you wear everything in your wardrobe but I'm always on the look out for other ideas.
Lisa x

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