Thursday, 16 August 2012

The evolution process: guest room.

I am starting a regular feature on this blog called 'The evolution process' and I will be sharing how I have changed rooms in our house using items found thrifting. 
Let's start in the beginning. We have an old house with 4 large rooms and a hallway running down the centre (then kitchen etc off to the back of the house). Each room is the same size and has a large window. The guest room was chosen to be the guest room because it already had some built ins which could be used to store excess things.
Everything in the room has been thrifted or received as a gift and while it is still not exactly how I want it, I am loving how it has evolved.
This is the beginnings of our guest room. An old bed we were given by friends, the bedding set I had at home as a teenager, a storage box as a bed side table and a lamp we were given as a wedding present.

Our room continued to evolve.We were gifted with bedside tables that Dad made from pieces of wood he had lying round. I moved in Great Grandma's old chest and Mum gave us a mirror for christmas. I started to develop my own personal style and used hotel samples we had to give the room a more homely feel. I thrifted the old suitcase and a wicker basket.


 Now (2012): Present day guest room.  While our old guest room was peaceful and calm, it felt time to spruce it up a bit and make it even more my style. It is still not finished, in fact I have many plans for artwork to cover the walls but here is how it has evolved. The bedspread cover, crocheted cushion cover and lamp were all thrifted.

 The wire basket, scarf and blanket were thrifted and the lantern was a gift from my mother in law.

 The chair is one I bought when I was in year 10 and finally found a place for and the blanket was handmade by my Great grandma.

The vase was an anniversary present from husband and the scrabble letters were thrifted.

 This tall boy was my Nanna's when she was younger.

I love that this room reflects my love of colour but also incorporates lots of special family items. Things are so much more special to me when I know they were my Nanna's and Great grandma's. I love having these little pieces of family history around!
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Lisa x

P.S Do you like my new header? It's thanks to my amazing from Alex Gatley.


  1. I love the style of that room - it's gorgeous!

  2. I do like your new header and your great-grandma's blanket (actually, I love that!)

  3. It has soo much character, I LOVE it!

  4. I noticed the new header- nice work G :-) My favourite things about the room include: the cane chair, the mirror, the lantern and the chest. We have lots of furniture in our bedroom that was made by family or belonged to family and I love it- it adds so much character and adds so much of a 'story' to a room :-)

  5. Nice work on the header G & Lisa!