Monday, 19 November 2012

Country charm.

 I have to start off this post with a snap of Maisy since it's her 2nd birthday today! Happy birthday to our lovely sweet little doggie.
Now to get on with what I actually wanted to post about...
Our home is in a small country town so it's pretty exciting to find a new place that's amazing within a short drive. But we did! The most adorable little blacksmith cafe complete with all the original trimmings. 
One thing I miss about living in the city is definately finding new cute places so finding this was a massive bonus. And of course the food is fabulous too which always helps.
I love the details of this place like the collection of vintage kettles, the old school cash register and all the old blacksmith equipment.

I have recently been blown away by the kindness of country people and God's incredible provision in my life. I feel like everytime I feel down about living away from family and friends, I am reminded that there are actually looks of fabulous things to do here and exciting discoveries to be made.
Lisa x


  1. What an amazing discovery! I love finding places like that when you least expect them.