Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mexican fiesta.

I am one big fan of themed parties and went to a Mexican party last weekend. I was in charge of making the pinata and thankfully it worked out perfectly, lasting just long enough for all the kids to get a few whacks and a few adults to knock it a bit too.
You will need:
1 cardboard package box
1 thinner cardboard box, like a cereal box
Masking tape
Crepe paper in a variety of colours
Badges, bubbles and little toys- basically fun things to put in that aren't just lollies
Some string
White paper + black texta
How to:
First make the cardboard box flat and draw a picture of a donkey on one side. Then cut out the donkey and trace in onto the other side of the cardboard box.
You should have 2 donkeys of the same size.
Cut up the cereal box into strips of the same size (about 8cm wide)
Then tape the strips around one side of the donkey. Once completed, tape the donkeys together- make sure you leave a little bit of a gap so you can fit the goodies inside.
You should end up with something that looks like the picture below.

Cut the crepe paper so it's frayed and use sticky tape to cover the entire donkey with coloured crepe paper.
I found that I needed quite a few layers for good coverage.
Then I cut out a few circles of white paper, drew eyes and taped them on.
It was time to place all the goodies inside and the pinata was ready to go!
I used string to gold it in place and it was time to whack away at it.
I also wanted to experiment making other mexican decorations and tried out dying dollies in bright mexican colours.
First make the doily damp
Put on gloves!!!- super important as you don't want green hands.
Put the doily in a tray lined with paper.
Drop some food colouring on top.
Pick up the doily and rub it into a ball shape so the whole doily ends up being the same colour.
Lay it out flat to dry in the sun and you have some more decorations.

Themed parties are just the best!