Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Packing for a two week holiday (warm weather).

I'm back from holidays and keen to restart the blogging in 2013! Packing has never been my greatest strength but I've recently been on a holiday to Penang (Malaysia) and Singapore and I thought I'd share some newly learnt wisdom- I'm still not perfect but definitely getting better. I also thought I'd better write it down so I don't forget all these tips. This is not my first two week tropical holiday but I was much more pleased with my packing than previously.

My first tropical holiday experience included the worst packing ever!! On our honeymoon to Borneo I ended up having to wear husband's clothes on several treking adventures. In the busyness of the wedding I'd just packed a lot of pretty dresses to wear and had forgotten that we were going on a few jungle treks too where dresses just wouldn't cut it.
rocking the over sized shirt look.
Now I feel like I have vastly improved. I always like to get snap happy during holidays so I aim for a  variety of outfits for different days. I am very aware of the luggage weight limit and try to pack only about 13 kg worth of things so I have leftover room for souvenirs and my bags aren't too heavy. I'm also writing this list for myself- as having it out there means that next time I need to pack, I'll know just the right stuff :)
The packing list:
Ipad or laptop (everywhere seems to have wifi)
2 pj sets
2 long cardigans ( 1 plain, 1 coloured)
Short cardigan (sun protection)
7 tops
2 shorts
1 pair of pants
2 skirts
2 dresses (LBD and beachy dress)
Closed shoes
Flip flops
Walking sandal
Going out shoes
Mosquito repellent
Adapter ( if going to a different country)
Accessories- 3 necklaces, 1 light scarf, 2 belts (1 coloured, 1 plain) , hairclips, watch, 2 bracelets, hat
Bags- a suitcase, a backpack, a travel bag and a going out bag.
My favourite thrifted travel bag. Over the shoulder bags are always safer, as they are harder to steal, and this one is the perfect size as it fits my camera too.
And then there are some definite do not packs (from mistakes I have made):
1 Light coloured clothing- when you go someone where you sweat lots and light clothes always show up stains more.
2 Anything that needs ironing.
3 Clothes you don't usually wear but think this will be a good chance to wear it- trust me, if you don't wear it normally there is probably a good reason why. Save room for packing the clothes you love and always feel good in.

These are my packing tips - hope you find them useful and if you can think of any I've missed, I'd love to hear them.
Lisa x
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