Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Some thrifted pantry storage.

I spent the weekend at a friends house and was in awe of her extremely organised pantry. As soon as a got back home I set out to make my pantry amazing too. I forgot to take a before photo as I just went for it and got a bit carried away but picture a messy pile of food items roughly put in different areas.
I already had quite a lot of plastic containers for storage and found some of the labels in a freebie pile at a garage sale. The other labels were 50c (on sale at cheap as chips) and although I'm not buying things from stores I do make the exception for necessary craft supplies (aka these labels). They aren't probably going to be permanent but I will contact them down and use them until I find the perfect ones. For now they look cute enough and help me know what's in each container. I thrifted the brightly coloured Tupperware containers a few years back that store the sugar, coconut and brown sugar. You can also see the jars where I spray painted the lids holding all kinds of foods.

We have a corner pantry which makes it a bit tricky trying to work out what to put in the corner so after trawling pinterest for a while I decided putting turn tables in the corner was the best idea. It just so happened I'd thrifted two handmade turntables for a few dollars almost a year ago and finally had the perfect use for them. All those tricky cans and sauce bottles now have a place.
Other thrifted items that I used to help organise my pantry were some thrifted spice racks. I love the little sparks of colour in my pantry that these items bring. I also thrifted a little basket for when I'm have a big day and need an easy packet meal.

I did a big shop to fill up my pantry some more and now I feel much more like cooking. In fact I might just go cook up something now...


  1. I organised my pantry the other day and it still doesn't look as organised as yours :P I love how you just had all this stuff "lying around"- a classic thrifter :P

  2. I had a feeling this might turn into a project ;) It looks awesome - well done! I love the spinning things especially.

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