Friday, 19 April 2013

The thrifty challenge: 9 months down!

It has been amazingly more than 9 months since I began this little blog of mine and my personal challenge so I thought today seemed like a great day to be thankful for these last 9 months and join my lovely friend Samara in creating a thankful post :)
Ha, how I love a bargain!! Being thrifty with garage sale buys meant I have scored quite a few bargains. It's so satisfying for me to get something cheap that I love and can give some new life to :)
Just this week I found some delightful things including a beautiful mixing bowl, water bowl for Maisy and some pretty clothes.

I often get quite homesick living away from the family and friends but this little blog keeps them all updated with my crafty endevours and I adore hearing their comments and thoughts.
The blogging community is so lovely to be part of and I am so inspired. Thank you for all your comments and kind words and for coming back to read more :) I also was so excited to meet lauren from lozalicious for a chai and chat and make a new friend from blogging.It is such a great way to meet like minded people.
Time to get creative
Being a teacher has one amazing perk- lots of holidays- and I am so thankful for these 2 weeks of free time I get to sit back and be creative, to make plans, to cuddle my niece and catch up with lovelies. We are doing a design and tech unit on puppetry next term and I've found enough time to sew 42 felt puppets and perfect my blanket stitch. There's nothing as relaxing for me as sitting infront of the tv and sewing away.

What are you thankful for this fine day?
Lisa x


  1. 42??? Holy Moly! That's awesome that you got to meet Lauren...who ever would have thought that you would meet a fellow blogger way out yonder?

    Awesome to hear what you are thankful for- it makes my heart smile to see how friends have been blessed.
    Enjoy the rest of your holidays :)

    1. They're really quick to do otherwise 42 would have killed me and I always find it more relaxing to do something while I watch tv.
      Have a great last 2 days of the holidays
      L x