Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More fun with felt.

I had the privilege of babysitting my niece for a few days in the holidays. She is just so adorable and fun and I love that I have time to do this kind of thing- definately one of the perks of being a teacher. 
I've been staying with my parents in the city while hubby is at home working and when I get a little bit of free time, I tend to bore easily and need things to keep my hands busy so I thought I'd also make a little something for my niece.
Felt is so fun to work with and relatively inexpensive (esp when you score a whole pile for a few dollars from an op shop). I already had some thicker felt rectangles lying around (I have no idea where they came from) but they were great for the backing. Then I cut the felt into pieces and occasionally I sewed a few bits together ( like the glasses and smile on the sun).
My niece and I had some fun with it this morning though I think she'll be even more into when a little bit older (maybe two and a half) I think I might keep adding to it too with a little boat and some more animals.
Lisa x

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  1. Cute! Anne has been making a felt book for her nephew/cousin...I just need my brothers to get on the baby making bang wagon so I can have some kids to spoil ;)