Saturday, 18 May 2013

Class garden.

I am a big fan of using recycled objects in my garden. I just love teapots and have started growing some seedlings in an old broken tea pot.I am also a JP teacher and when we were asked to create a recycled garden in our school courtyard, I really wanted all the kids to use cans. The only problem was that the sharp edges of cans could cut the kids.Solution: On a local buy and swap website I found someone selling a tupperware can opener for $5 secondhand ( they usual retail for $60) and was amazed that when I used it, no more sharp edges!

Okay so I've actually gone way can mad at my house... I've even been eating meals that use food from cans just so I can collect more to make some cute as pencil tins in my classroom... chilli con carne seems a winner as it uses 2 cans of tomatoes and a can of kidney beans :)
*We painted the pots with acrylic paints and then I covered them with a vanish to seal in the colour.
We have also decorated a whole bunch of stones for the courtyard which are so cute and colourful. We used lots of coloured paint, vanish and then attached shells for extra interest. At the moment the seedlings are still growing but I'll share another photo when the courtyard is complete. One of my students liked it so much she went home and made me a beautiful colourful stone for my yard. It makes me smile everytime I walk past.
Do any of you lovely readers have any other good, cheap gardening ideas to do with kids?

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