Friday, 24 May 2013

210 days of decluttering.

It's 210 days until the end of the school year and I want to have a big garage sale at the end of the school year, ready to start the new year fresh in our new house. I was online and came across the 365 less things which details about a lady who decluttered her home in a year. Now I'm already pretty into the decluttering movement but I want to jump into it even more purposefully and clear out all the things I don't love and aren't helpful to me living in a clean and inviting home. Since posting online seems to make you more accountable (like my thrifty challenge which I am nearing the end of), I am going to be sharing this with you and sharing whatever pearls of wisdom I learn in the process.
 I've gotten rid of (from top left) ugly teddies, extra paint supplies, a few things from the shed, cups I never use, a terrible dvd, an op cardi and sunnies I no longer where now I have prescription ones.
So far the first 7 days have been very easy as I knew of things around the house that need to go. 7 days down, 203 to go!
Lisa x

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