Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to Begin Indoor Growing

I love a bit of greenery indoors and have been slowly growing more and more plants inside.
You can grow so much variety of plant life these days indoors. It’s remarkable. And more than just being cool, it could well mean you grow your own food right in your house.
You can grow all sorts of things, it’s true, but first you’re going to need to get some stuff, like  led grow lights
and the ballasts and the grow tents and other things you’re going to want.
grow lights

grow tent
The led grow lights at the la shop  are extremely awesome.
Plants don’t just grow inside by themselves, they require nutrients and simulated sunlight.  Newsflash, plants need sun! When starting an indoor garden it's best to start with just a few tomatoes and some spices.  Then you can make an amazing pizza with  the ingredients your grew yourself, in the basement. It is an invaluable experience and also it gives the grower an exceptional sense of accomplishment, I love homegrown goodness. Mmm pizza with homegrown ingredients is just the best.
Then you can soon thereafter begin experimenting with other recipes, and grow more foods and produce which in term expanded our culinary options.
Having an indoor garden is the best idea and it can keep going despite the weather.
After all, I want to be able to grow my own food and know what I’m doing.  The principles gleaned with an indoor garden will be invaluable.  Anything that keeps me indoors and still growing amazing food is so good!
Lisa x
P.S This is a sponsored post from the LA shop and their amazing gardening goodies. Check them out.

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