Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Getting sporty.

I always find it a struggle to get decent exercise gear that is thrifted and to find ways to get fit and stay motivated without spending a fortune. I eventually managed to thrift some gym clothes (people rarely donate gym clothes as they tend to get worn to death).
Outfit- stripped top (thrifted), vest (thrifted), headband (made from the bottom of a thrifted dress). Shoes and pants bought.

We recently thrifted a bench press and hubby's been using it get fit again. I also thrifted the basketball ring above on our local buy, swap, sell website.
As for me I'm more for the walking the dog with friends and going to the local playground (which has an outdoor gym setup there). I do a few classes a week at the local gym and then I play local tennis and basketball and for a social volleyball league. It all ends up costing me about $25 a week.
And for the colder weather, I got a second hand copy of big loser wii and got some fun dance videos from a garage sale. Nothing like rocking out in the lounge room (where no one can see you):-)
How do you keep fit on a budget?
Lisa x

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