Friday, 23 August 2013

Choices, choices, choices!

I have decided to be more adventurous with my paint colours for our new home. For the first two homes we lived in (and still currently live in) I simply went for white walls (which is always lovely) but this time I've been thinking let's experiment.
The first room we are going to tackle is the hallway. We have already added blackwood doors and now it's time to change the walls from the delightful pinkish colour they are.
From the above picture you can make out the marble trim which is also in the hallway and guest room (none of the furniture in this photo is ours). The marble trim is amazingly painted and I know getting a professional painter in to add a marble trim would cost a bucket load. I don't really love it but we're going to paint the walls first and see how it looks with the marble still there. For colours we have chosen 'silver dollar' and 'cray grey' by Taubmans. We are just going to paint the hallway and if it looks fabulous then we will paint the library the same colours too. We have just done a little paint test but once the walls are prepped, then we will paint the rest.
Another thing that we desperately need to do the hallway is to change the white carpet. It is so easy to get dirty and the hallway will be such a high traffic area. After looking at wooden flooring for hours we have concluded that we're going to go for laminate flooring for the time being...then when we're suddenly rich we can add wooden floorboards to the whole house :-). My Dad has kindly agreed to put down the laminate flooring which will save us a bunch. After looking for hours it seems like 'blackwood' from Lecornu is the winner. It helps too that it's 20% off at the moment too (blackwood is the middle one).
I'm feeling excited now that we're making some choices and just going for it. Hopefully it will end up amazing and if not, I can always go back to my love of white.
How do you go about making house choices?
Lisa x


  1. oooh, I love greys :) We did our bedroom grey and it looks great and feels surprisingly 'airy'...that said and done, we are doing our lounge white just cos it is hard to find anything else that goes with a dark grey couch :P Re. laminate floors- we have it in our kitchen and I hate it with a passion because it gets so dirty (Joel and I recently got on our hands and knees to scrub the whole thing and the water was coming up black- eek!). it looks like you are going for a darker one, which will help, however I would also be weary of how deep the 'grooves' are as dirt gets stuck in them and it ends up looking incredibly dirty. My mum has laminate wooden floors and she has the same problem except she also has a light one. Just something to be aware of :)

    1. Thanks for your laminate warnings :-) we have currently had wood floors which also show up a lot of dust build up but are so beautiful. We ended up buying the laminate flooring just for the hallway on sale as we just knew we'll hate the white carpet and cant afford wooden flooring yet. Hopefully the colour will work... Now to bribe my dad to lay it for us :-) your grey bedroom looked lovely ( in photos) after too! xx