Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Garage sale addict has a garage sale.

The time has come to pack up our lovely little country home and head back to the city. Husband's got a new job, starting soon. I am still staying in the country to the end of year but we'll still have every weekend together. While it's all exciting, it has come very quickly and so I am madly packing and clearing all the excess belongings we have.
So if you've noticed it's been a bit quieter on here for the last few weeks, that's because I've spent every spare minute packing and writing resumes. However that will all be over soon and we can enjoy this next stage of life. I always thought I'd be moving mid december and started my 210 days of decluttering. However the move has come much quicker and so I madly collected together as much as I could to sell off on a garage sale last weekend. Having been to many a garage sale I knew a few things my garage sale needed:

Lots of signs
I found these pre made signs that I could edit on pinterest.

Notices on the community notice board

An online ad
I used our local buy, swap, sell website.

Lots of tables so everything can be seen and ready to go
Some lovely friends lent me trestle tables so I ended up with 4 large tables full and most things could then be out on display.

A freebie area to entice people in
Who doesn't love freebies. If people see there are lots of free things they'll take them and it might entice them to look around more.

I didn't have that much time to get sorted but now I have a lot less stuff and were able to bless friends that popped by with anything they needed for free. The photos below aren't the most exciting but show some of the initial set up pre garage sale.
Now onto boxing up the rest and fixing up the few problems around the house that need sorting before other people can move into our old home.
Lisa x

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