Sunday, 15 September 2013

Setting up the house.

The time is fast approaching. In less than a week all our possessions will be in our city house. Everything is boxed up except for a few basic essentials. The shelf (above) is in our new kitchen... I'm thinking a retro kitchen and pretty excited to have all my thrifted treasures on display. In fact apart from the book and campbell soup cans, everything on display was thrifted from local markets/garage sales. I used a special tupperware can opener to open the cans and use the soup inside. Now I can still put the lid back on the cans, I just am not sure what to store in them yet...but the packaging is just too cute to throw out.
We've also finished painting the first space... the hallway is no longer salmon pink but silver dollar with a white ceiling , marble corners (for now, I'm still undecided whether I like them) and some cray grey edging. I haven't had a chance yet to take a complete photo of the finished room as I want to style it first but the change is amazing- so much better- and I included some photographic proof of me rocking my painting clothes- though the extremely tired look is evident in my eyes!- too much packing, working and resume writing. Only two more salmon pink rooms to go and then a whole lotta apricot rooms :-)
Enjoy the weekend- it's a beautiful sunny day here.
Lisa x


  1. Can't wait to see the newly painted house- after dabbling in a bit of painting ourselves, I have a new found admiration for painted walls and the hard work that goes into it :P

    1. I cant wait to have you over as well! I think this room was easier to paint than your usual room because the motivstion to get rid of the pink walls was so great. Ha, I definately appreciate though how much effort painting walls are. :-)