Monday, 23 September 2013

Atrium dreaming.

The new house has an amazing atrium that all the other rooms are built around and I really want to make it an amazing focal point and have been thinking a lot about how to make the garden stand out. I want my garden to be amazing and look good all year round. 
I've been thinking lots about how to achieve this and have decided there are 5 things I'm going to focus on.

1) Create landscapes
One of the most important elements of gardening is creating focal points. These are areas of the garden which naturally draw the eye. Small hills, rockeries and ponds are all suitable focal points for modest-sized gardens. Larger gardens might be stepped, creating two different levels, or low-bush planting might be used to disrupt the straight horizon.

2) Add Ornaments
Another way to make your garden amazing is to use ornaments. These might include large features, such as fountains and water features, or they might be something as simple as an ordinary bird bath. From what I've read it's best to position the ornaments carefully, for example curve the viewer's eye around the whole of the garden by adding flower beds and curved pathways which head towards the ornament. I have a beautiful owl currently living in my front yard but this one from yescomusa is pretty darn cute too. Anyone else a bit obsessed with ceramic animals?

3) Add Structures

Good structures can also help to draw the eye around the garden. We are so lucky to have a beautiful atrium already made but  otherwise gazebos are a great idea for those summer parties. I'm thinking one might be perfect near the outside plunge pool if we have any big summer parties. I'm loving this warm spring weather at the moment. Gazebos are more attractive than practical, but are the ideal location for summer parties or space alone. These items are very easy to maintain, and it is possible to buy  a gazebo canopy replacement.

4) Add Definition
In gardening, the key to definition is having the visitor travel around the garden. This can be done physically, with the planting of trees and bushes designed to encourage the visitor to walk along a path, or it can be done using items such as the atrium above, and also through the use of arches, fences and tunnels. We've already got some glass fencing but I'm thinking of adding  an arch as a canvas for climbing plants such as roses and ivy... I already miss the beautiful roses that filled our old yard.

5) Add Garden Furniture 
Finally every garden needs good garden  furniture. While this can be the traditional wicker or iron chairs and tables, there are also sofas, arm chairs or bench seats are designed to be used in the garden. Fire pits are also popular, allowing gardeners to sit outside for longer, while enjoying the heat and color of the flames. Before the move I got rid of most of our outdoor furniture so we could start fresh but the old owners left behind a cute little garden setting (kind of similar to the picture below) which is currently in the atrium. It's perfect for a little tea party so I'll most definitely be keeping it but I am thinking of investing in a lovely large iron or wooden outdoor table. Most of these types of garden furniture need to be properly protected from damage including wind and rain, and also animals. Prevention is better than cure, and protecting your garden furniture might include steps such as buying a gazebo canopy replacement from

I can't wait to set up the atrium and share it with all of you.
Lisa x
P.s This post was sponspored by but all the opinions in it are mine.

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