Thursday, 26 September 2013

Room to craft.

Well the new house is officially unpacked and it already feels like home. I forgot how much I missed all the conveniences of city life and it's been hard leaving behind the new house and returning to the country for work. When husband and I first got married I don't think either of us realised how much time we were going to spend living apart in the first few years of married life. We've already done the back and forth living for two terms at the start and now it's another term at the end. But life is full of blessings and these experiences have shaped and grown us as a couple. Now back to the point of this post...
Our new house's floor plan looks like this:

Yes, that's right. I finally have a room to craft away in to my heart's content. It's not really photo worthy yet but I took a few snaps to show how it's developing and I'm starting to put it together.
When you enter there is a deers head on the door. I just have a thing for deers head and this little beauty was thrifted from a recent garage sale for $1.
Every house has it's little kinks and our house has some extra sinks! There is just a random sink in the craft room which is actually kind of perfect for using to wash paint brushes etc. The frames, mirror and basket were thrifted, the hand mirror was a craft project with washi tape and the tissue box was made from a wooden box and small frame purchased from the local craft store (see below).

As for furniture I picked up a next to new ikea expedit secondhand for $100 less than a new one and have put it together. It's just perfect for the room and I used the $100 I saved to buy some perfectly shaped boxes and drawers for it.  So far it's pretty scarce on the top except for a few vintage jars and my favourite floral lights.
I can't wait to share with you more progress as I make it and the many crafts that I will make in this room.
Lisa x

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  1. Oooh, how exciting! I love the luxury of having a craft room (something I know I will miss when we have kids)...although at the moment you can barely get into mine, it literally looks like everything has exploded :P Joel and I are wanting to get some of those Ikea shelves to use for my crafts however it has been on the bottom of our 'to buy' list...although may actually have risen to the top now :) It's awesome you managed to save $100 on yours. I have looked around a bit for them second hand and haven't seen many- I think they are a bit of a rare find, so you've done well!