Friday, 9 August 2013

Getting ready for the new pad.

I am so excited to we found a home that I know we will plan to live in for a long time and I look forward till when we move in. The house was filled with some left behind surprises like a garden filled with many gnomes and statues that have since been donated to the op shop. However they did also leave behind some flying ducks and I'm still undecided as to whether or not to keep them.
A new space is always exciting but I really want to be very selective about what I put in my new house and have been continuing with my 210 days of decluttering. I managed to take 5 grocery bags full of gear to the op shop yesterday.  With only 128 days left to continue to clear stuff, I am already loving the fact that my house is slowly being dwindled down to those truely beautiful and important things...and I've already started moving things in :-)
It's also a time to fix up items that aren't quite what I want them to be yet, like this little wooden box I had that seemed it would be good craft storage.I think it used to be a disc box but now just needed some brightening.
With some craft glue, scissors and bunting paper (from spotlight), I had a quick and easy solution to make it a box I can keep and want to use.

Lisa x

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