Thursday, 8 August 2013

DIY jewellery.

I recently went to Canberra and found the most lovely craft supplies in one of the shops. They are packaged by "craft makes me happy" which has it's own facebook page. I'm sure you can get the pieces from other places but I was quite pleased with the prices. You can buy 5 kids clips for $2.50, 5 bobby pin clips for $3, 3 rings for $4, a pack of 20 resin roses for $9 and 3 fabric flowers for $5.
I got out my glue gun and have made 3 rings, 3 clips and 4 bobby pin clips so far and these only cost $23.50 and still have supplies for a few more. These make great gifts and the only tool you'll need is a glue gun. *Although I used a glue gun to start off with, I found that silocone glue works better for holding it together for the long haul.
Hair clips for my niece's birthday.

These rings and bobby pins will make cute future gifts.

I look forward to finding other little pieces like vintage buttons to create more interesting jewellery now I've got some bases to work with. Nothing like a visit to a craft store to get this country girl excited!
Lisa x
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